I grew up loving pastries, breads and anything sweet. My mom loves to bake, though she never had any formal education (like me). I remember that the first cake she baked is for my birthday. We don't have an oven at that time, so she steamed the cake. But it is was one of the most delicious cake I've ever tasted. My mom learned baking from books and a lot of trials and errors, and I learned a lot from her. However, the world of sweets are so fascinating there are still millions of things I need to try and to learn. Taking into consideration that i just started baking this year. I don't know, I just recently got into baking. But I've always been into cake decorating, the first cake I decorated is when I was 17 years old. I used boiled icing, and the first design I was taught is Wilton's basket weave design.

Anyway, so I started this blog to keep track of my baking and cake decorating. And also because I want to follow my favorite food/cake blogs that are very very helpful and I'm learning a lot from them. Some of my favorites are here. Blogs, books and my mom are the sources of my baking education.

Happy Caking!!


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