Spongebob Cake 2

Another Spongebob Cake for the grandson of my mom's friend. Its not my project, I just kinda stole it from my mom because I've been wanting to do some cake decorating for the past few days. I did a Spongebob cake before with the under the sea theme, so I decided to do a real Spongebob cake.

The cake is made of Chocolate Chiffon cake which is really spongy. What a match, spongy cake for Spongebob. Anyway, it is a bit difficult to carve figures on a spongy cake. So a tip, always use Pound Cake for carving party cakes. A pound cake recipe that works for me is one from Martha Stewart. And because its not actually my project, I was not able to make my pound cake.

This is actually, the most challenging cake I made so far. The meringue is a bit messy. How i wished I just used fondant to cover the cake. Well, eventually I made it through. I do hope that the celebrant likes it. So long krusty crew!