Hello Kitty First Birthday Cake

This Hello Kitty cake is for a little girl's 1st birthday. The cute Hello Kitty character on top is a stuff toy that my mother bought in a department store. The original plan is for me to make a Hello Kitty fondant figure, lying on a stack of pillow with a little girl on her side, I've already imagined what it will look like. But then my mom got me this really cute stuff toy, and I don't want it to go to waste. (Ok well honestly, I thought using the stuffy will be a lot easier. :))

The flowers are made out of gumpaste, same as with the hello kitty heads that are on the top of the cupcakes. And yes, I forgot the whiskers.

I baked the cake myself. It is actually my first time to bake a cake, because my mom usually bake for me. It is a chocolate chiffon cake with chocolate fudge filling. I was really happy with the baking result for it was a success!

I was very bakintusiastic at that time so I also made a small cake and some extra cupcakes for my friends.

Hope you like it!

Happy Caking!



Anonymous said...

where can i buy it is sooo cute!!!

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